Hackers reportedly steal 42M customer records from online dating network Cupid Media

Hackers reportedly steal 42M customer records from online dating network Cupid Media


Hackers somehow stole 42 million recoords from Cupid Media, a network of dating websites. The hackers reportedly got access to email addresses and clear-texts passwords. There was also a file on Cupid Media that the hackers got a hold of that contained records from Adobe, PR Newswire, the U.S. National White Collar Crime Center, and other organizations.

In general, I think that these hackers are too bored with their lives. I understand the purpose of large scale hacking in order to harm another organization or country with malicious intent, but hacking a dating website is just flat out silly. The hackers probably got a hold of a lot of info, but what could they possibly use email addresses for? Hackers are just stupid and mean in my opinion.

Now, Cupid Media is making sure that all of their users are resetting their passwords so the hackers will not be able to get into their accounts. Cupid Media actually did not user encryption for their passwords, and this made it even more easier for hackers to gain access to accounts. Of course, they did this because they believed that encryption was too expensive, but in reality, Cupid Media should strive to protect and serve their clients to the best of their abilities.

A similar data breach happened to Adobe about month ago, and the same exact thing has happened to Cupid Media. Because these companies are huge, they obviously need to do a better job of fighting hackers in order to keep their users’ data safe.


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