Carriers slammed for rejecting smartphone ‘kill switch’

Carriers slammed for rejecting smartphone ‘kill switch’


Recently, law enforcement officials tried to prevent the theft of smartphones by proposing a new tactic to have a ‘kill switch’ on smart phones. For some reason, cell phones carriers decided to reject the offer. The officials have wanted to push this law because the kill switch could basically turn the phone into a brick after it is stolen; thus reducing the incentive to steal them. 

I actually think that this idea is genius. Having a kill switch on my phone would be great if someone stole it because I would not have to worry about anyone taking advantage of my data. Actually, on my phone, I have an app that I can access through a computer and find out where my phone is. The app also lets me play a extremely loud alarm through my phone so a thief would feel awkward if they stole it.

So in the end, all cellular carriers rejected the proposal because they would lose money if phones had a kill switch. This actually makes sense because the phone would become useless, and the companies would not be able to make money off of that. 

But regardless, I think that this argument is dumb. Obviously, the carriers should have accepted the offer in order to promote the security of their customers. I understand that it is a business, but a business should strive to offer the best service to their customers.


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