IE11 and Chrome hacked at Mobile Pwn2Own

IE11 and Chrome hacked at Mobile Pwn2Own


Pwn2Own is an annual hacking contest that is usually held. At this year’s Pwn2Own, Internet Explorer 11 runing on Windows 8.1 were hacked, and Google Chrome was also hacked on Android. These exploits were demonstrated during the Mobile Pwn2Own hacking contest at the PacSec Applied Security Conference in Tokyo.

Overall, I think that these hack-fests are pretty weird and tacky. I was scrolling through a few channels on AMC, and there was a 90’s movie about a school famous hacker who was notorious at his school. I imagine all hack-fests to be somewhat similar to this movie, but hacking contests today are probably must more high tech than the ones featured in the movie.

IE11 was exploited on the new Windows 8.1 Surface, and a hacker named Pinkie Pie compromised the Nexus 4 and Samsung Galaxy S4 devices by exploiting a vulnerability on Chrome.

I think that because of these exploits, companies have the opportunity to improve their devices. Whether it be by buffing up their security, or implementing a new system, I think that companies should take this opportunity to improve their products.

Personally, I have the Samsung Galaxy S4, and I wouldn’t do anything in the world to try to hack this thing because I love it. I honestly have no idea why someone would try to break into a good thing.


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