Google says users deserve to know more about surge in gov’t data requests

Google says users deserve to know more about surge in gov’t data requests


Google finally announces that users need to know more about government requests for information. Inevitably, Google has finally decided to tell the public more about the uncontrollable government, and their obsession with information of the public. Richard Salgado, Google’s legal director recently said in a blog post that as the usage for their services grow, the government will tend to request for more information; however, the number of requests from the government has never been this high before.

In 2010, Google’s transparency report said that they received about 12,500 requests from the governments around the world between July and December 2009. According to the new data, between January and June 2013, Google received over 25,000 requests for user data, and 11,000 of them are from the U.S. government. In fact, the US made more requests than the top six countries combined in the first half of the year.

Because the government is basically going insane with the requests, Google plans on telling more of their users what is going on. Salgado says, “We believe it’s your right to know what kinds of requests and how many each government is making of us and other companies.”

Ultimately, I think that Google is doing the public a justice by letting them know what is going on with the government. Even though the government is going crazy with their requests, I think that people do need to know when they are being watched by the government. But I think the government only requests info for people that are troublemakers, so I’m definitely not included in that category.


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