Silk Road online drug marketplace resurfaces

Silk Road online drug marketplace resurfaces


According to Computer World, the Silk Road was resurfaced. Only a month after the government officially closed the Silk Road, the website has relaunched. The person who has launched the website goes by the name of Dread Pirate Roberts. This name is linked to an investigation that the FBI is currently working on. On Wednesday, officials brought in a man who they thought to be Dread Pirate Roberts into court, but the officials told the police that they brought in the wrong guy.

The resurfacing of the Silk Road was definitely inevitable. In my own opinion, when the industry is being attacked and shut down by the government, the drug industry will rebelliously retaliate. Because what they were originally doing is illegal, I think they didn’t hesitate to bring the website back up. For many drug addicts, their addiction has taken over their lives, and they will stop at nothing in order to get a fix.

With the resurfacing of the Silk Road, I think that this shows how weak the government is at controlling the internet. Random hackers and programmers basically put the website back together after the website closed. I think a lot of people can learn that the government is weak at controlling the internet, and I think this ultimately encourages other hackers to rebel against government actions through the internet.


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