Protect your Facebook account from hackers with two-factor authentication

Protect your Facebook account from hackers with two-factor authentication


Facebook is a big deal to many people who use it, and it is annoying to see that one of your friends has hacked your status. I’ve seen happen to a number of friends, and it sure is funny when you’re watching from the outside. But when you’re a victim of a hacked status, the results are very embarrassing.

Now, Facebook potentially has a way to prevent your friends or unwanted people to access your Facebook account. The new two-factor authentication requires the user to enter another set of data, other than your password, in order to into his/her account. The data is usually sent to your phone in the form of a code, and this definitely keeps your account much safer.

I have actually had the privilege to use a system similar to this in the summer of 2012. Diablo III, a video game infested with hackers, implemented a security system that sent a code via a mobile app on my phone that I had to enter into the game along with my password. This made me feel more secure about my account, especially because there was a lot of buzz on forums about people getting their accounts hacked.

So I actually checked out the new Facebook feature, and I was not surprised by the results. Once the new authentication system is turned on, I had to enter in a code that was sent to my phone via text in order to log into my account. This method is safe, but I do not think that it is for me. Looking at my phone and entering a code in order to log in my Facebook is just too much hassle, and I am already satisfied with Facebook’s security measures. Even though I can buff up my Facebook security with their new implementation, I will not use it because it’s a nuisance to have to look at your phone if you want to log into your Facebook.


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