Monday Morning Facebook Outage

Monday Morning Facebook Outage


This Monday morning, users around the world were unable to post updates onto their own Facebook walls. Along with this glitch, users were also unable to share photos or links onto their walls. 

According to a Facebook spokesman, the company experienced issues while performing some network maintenance. The spokesman then continued, “We resolved the issue quickly, and we are now back to 100%. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.”

Seeing a company like Facebook stumble a bit is okay. Facebook is such a universal product that a lot of people in the world are affected when their site goes down for only a few hours. But even though Facebook fell short, I think that they did a good job in covering up their mistakes and taking the blame for it. I’m sure that Facebook wasn’t doing anything sketchy, and something did go wrong during maintenance.

As usual, when a social media site goes down, people looked to their Twitter to vent about the shortcoming. People were joking about Facebook, and the hashtags #facebookdown and #FacebookCurrentlyDoesn’tAllowStatusUpdates were trending on Twitter this morning.

As usual, people made a big commotion out of something so little. I think it’s almost annoying that people make such a big deal about a social network site, but it always happens every time a site goes through something unexpected.


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