CIA dismissed Snowden four years before NSA leaks

CIA dismissed Snowden four years before NSA leaks


Edward Snowden, renowned whistle blower of the NSA, has been revealed that he has previously worked for the CIA before the NSA. Ironically, he was dismissed from the CIA because the CIA was suspicious of Snowden breaking into computers without authorized access. Anonymous sources told the New York Times that in 2009, Snowden was released by the CIA on accounts of suspicious behavior. Apparently, the CIA’s report on Snowden did not reach the NSA. After being released as a technician by the CIA, he worked for Dell as an NSA contractor in Japan, then he later worked in Hawaii as a Booz-Allen Hamilton NSA contract employee.

According to the New York Times, the CIA’s report on Snowden “slipped through the cracks” because the electronic systems used for security clearances only counted and tracked “major rule-based infractions.” Lesser complaints like Snowden’s suspicious-ness were not tracked by the NSA’s system, and therefore he ended up leaking the NSA’s spy ops.

Snowden is truly such an interesting character. First, he reveals that the NSA is basically spying on us. Then we find out that he was actually dismissed by the CIA because he was trying to break into their systems and databases before even working for the NSA. Because the NSA failed to review his full report from the CIA, I think the blame falls  on the NSA for even hiring Snowden. 

But then again, I think that it is ultimately a good thing that Snowden revealed to us what the NSA was really doing. I don’t think that Snowden is a hero of some sort, but I definitely think that he did what was right by showing the world the truth behind the NSA.


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