Google Offers New Bounty Program For Securing Open-Source Software

Google Offers New Bounty Program For Securing Open-Source Software


Google has now recently launched a new program that will reward researchers for security solutions and fixes for open source software. This new program can pay from $500 to $3,133.70 for coming up with security improvements to open source software projects. This program was created to complement Google’s bug bounty program for Google Web Applications and Chrome.

Who doesn’t love Google? Google seems to be one of the companies today that is everywhere when it comes to technology. Personally, I love everything about Google from YouTube, Google Earth, and Android. I think Google does a good job with attracting employers, and with this new bounty program, I think that Google will benefit greatly along with whoever it is they are paying.

To me, if I knew how to code security related things, I would jump on this opportunity. Even though it is probably difficult to learn and digest, I would love to gain at least $500 just for improving software for Google. I also think that having a chance to have “Google” on my resume would be impressive as well.

Because Google is open to receive help from random people, I think this shows a lot of the humility of the company. This shows that they are open to their clients’ suggestions, and that they are a company who is striving to become the best of their abilities without fear of being judged by other people. 


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