Adobe To Announce Source Code, Customer Data Breach

Adobe To Announce Source Code, Customer Data Breach


Earlier today, it was found out that Adobe was currently hacked. According to this articled, the hackers hacked into Adobe’s network and and stole source code from many of their software titles. The hackers managed to break into Adobe’s ColdFusion Web Application, and possibly Adobe’s series of Acrobat products. 

The frightening part about this attack is that the hackers possibly got a hold of over thee million credit cards and accounts that were stored with Adobe. I think that the havoc that these hackers can create with the information they have stolen can be huge. With over three million credit cards, they could basically buy whatever they want. The info that they have stolen will allow these people to have some sort of fame in the hacking industry, and it will ultimately give them more publicity, which could possibly be one of their main goals.

The article states that Adobe stated that customers’ credit card are encrypted, but Adobe still sent out emails and notifications to their customers to inform them to change their passwords. The encryption helps Adobe, but the fact that the hackers have access to encrypted info that can be broken is scary. If the hackers have enough time and skill, they can definitely break into the encryption and ruin some people’s credit scores.

The fact of the matter is that a huge company like Adobe had failed to update their security measures in their applications, and now, their customers could possibly be paying the price. Big companies like Adobe should take more time with their security because many hackers are improving their skills, and companies need to consider what would happen if their customers were to be harmed by hackers through their products.


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