Google Play Store Infested With Adware

Google Play Store Infested With Adware


In a blog that zscaler recently published, about 22 percent of applications on Google Play have adware. The blog says that this is a large percentage of many different kinds of application in Google play. The blog continues to describe that many of these adware infested applications were flagged by AV vendors because they do things like change the settings on your mobile phone.

Instead of preventing these aggressive advertising techniques, Google actually encourages them. This causes more people to download antivirus software, and it puts more people at risk that they should not be in. I have downloaded an app with serious malware issues a few years ago, and my Android phone gradually became more defective. I think that Google does a bad job in moderating the malware and adware in apps that are in Google Play, and I think Google needs to find a better way to get rid of malware Google Play.

I think that Google only allows aggressive advertising because they want to ultimately make more money. On my very own reddit app on my Android device, there is an advertisement after every single page that I look at. These ads are very annoying, but it is the price that I pay because the app was free. By allowing disruptive and and overwhelming amount of advertising, I also think that Google Play has more free apps, but free does not always mean that Google Play is “good.”

Apple, on the other hand has taken the opposite approach. Instead of allowing heavy ads, they prevent them. I think the Google should learn more from their competitors because it just makes more sense to protect your customers instead of putting them in danger.

In an article we read earlier this year, we discussed a topic about how people need to start knowing how to use security on their social networks, and I think that many people out there do not know how to manage their security on their Android. This makes it even easier for adware and malware to be installed onto your phone via Google Play, and Google needs to take a more active approach in order to protect their customers.


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