New Intel-Based PC’s Permanently Hackable

New Intel-Based PC’s Permanently Hackable


Many people think that they are safe and secure from attacks when their computer and mobile devices are not turned on, but privacy is becoming limited even for machines that are turned off.

Even when the computer is turned off, the new Intel Core vPro processors have a new remote access feature that allows “100 percent remote access to a PC 100 percent of the time.” The Core vPro processor has the ability to access all components of the PC as long as the power supplyis in working condition. 

Currently, the vPro processor is being advertised as something IT professionals could use in order to help the user find out problems with the PC. The author of this article, Jim Stone, then continues to argue that this is all “B.S.” He believes that intelligence agencies will use the new processors to access files from people who are suspicious or harmful.

Personally, I would not want these new processors in my PC because the fact that my PC can be accessed while it is not on scares me. I think that this gives the opportunity for hackers to develop a way to infiltrate your computer even when the user thinks their computer is off. Although the new technology within the Intel Core vPro is interesting, I think that the purpose of the processor will be exploited by hackers and bad people around the world.

Imagine being on vacation or away from your PC, and you come back and you notice that your PC was turned on randomly by the government or hackers. I would be afraid for my security, and I would never invest in a computer with these new processors.


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