Chaos Computer Club breaks Apple TouchID

Chaos Computer Club breaks Apple TouchID


The Chaos Computer Club is a European organization that seeks to find “issues” in societal and technical fields of today. Recently, the biometrics hacking team of the CCC has found a way to bypass Apple’s brand new fingerprint security system on the iPhone 5s. Basically, this biometrics hacking team has figured out how to create a fake fingerprint with more quality that can omit and ignore the TouchID system which Apple advertised as much better than previous fingerprint technology.

Here is a video of the failure of Apple’s TouchID as provided by the CCC.

This new exploit of Apple’s TouchID has sparked an issue with CCC, and the club states “bogus speculation about the marvels of the new technology and how hard to defeat it supposedly is had dominated the international technology press for days.” I think that Apple creates too much hype with its new releases, and simple things like the TouchID should actually be a better system than it should be. I think that security on a mobile device is very important because everyone takes their tablets and smartphones with them, and these devices could have access to important data or documents. I think that the flaw of Apple’s TouchID emphasizes the company’s attempts to try to impress the public with intricate advertising and releases.

In the article, a hacker nicknamed Starbug states, “In reality, Apple’s sensor has just a higher resolution compared to the sensors so far. So we only needed to ramp up the resolution of our fake.” Starbug also adds that fingerprints should not be used as any form of security because it is too easy to gain access with a lifted fingerprint. Starbug was the one who performed the experiments on the TouchID, and I agree with his statements. I think fingerprints are far too accessible for anyone who is trying to get into your phone.

I think that Apple should just remove the TouchID from the 5s because I would be afraid to use it. I also think that people shouldn’t invest in the iPhone 5s because of this and because it is a bit overpriced. Regardless of the efficiency of Apple products, I think Apple messed up big time with the implmentation of fingerprint security.


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