Hidden Lynx – Professional Hackers for Hire

Hackers for hire


ATP’s or Advanced Persistent Threats have recently been emerging, and Symantec, an anti-virus group has revealed a group that specializes in these ATP’s. The Hidden Lynx hacking group, as described by Symantec, is “among the best of breed.”

Apparently, Hidden Lynx is capable of hacking large scale systems and networks. They target “hundreds of different organizations in many different regions.” They don’t just do it for fun either. According to Symantec, Hidden Lynx is a Hackers-for-Hire group, which means that they can be contacted by a client to attack other people or organizations.

The fact that anyone can hire them is actually sort of frightening. If someone wanted to hack me, they could just contact these guys and pay them money to do so. I do not know why someone would want to hack me, but bad people out there could really take advantage of these hackers-for-hire. Just think of all the bad things that could happen if bad guys with bad ideas got a hold of these guys and used them to go on an attacking/hacking spree.

I find this article actually pretty interesting. I think hacking nowadays is interesting because it almost seems taboo to most people. I think that it’s kinda scary that there are just random people out there making and distributing Trojan viruses that are difficult to detect. Because an anti-virus website like Symantec is recognizing the Hidden Lynx, they must be really good at breaching and attacking.


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