Hackers exploit critical IE bug; Microsoft promises patch

Hackers exploit critical IE bug; Microsoft promises patch


According to Microsoft, there are hackers out there that are exploiting a vulnerability in Internet Explorer 8 and Internet Explorer 9. Microsoft has stated that this is not a big problem, but the article says that Microsoft often downplays these issues. “We are actively working to develop a security update to address this issue,” Dustin Childs, a manager in the Trustworthy Computing Group, says as a response to the problems.

The article also mentions that the vulnerability affects older versions of Internet Explorer down until Internet Explorer 6, and it also affects the new upcoming Internet Explorer 11 which is to be released mid-October along with Windows 8.1.

I am certainly not surprised to see something broken with Internet Explorer. I think that Explorer is slow and buggy as compared to other browsers like Chrome or Firefox. The hackers currently exploiting this vulnerability probably think the same as I do.

Because the article did not describe what the actual vulnerability was in Internet Explorer, I do not know if more people need to know about this problem. I think that many people out there are satisfied with Internet Explorer, and if they are not, then they probably have already downloaded some alternate browser.

But if this problem continues to grow into something that will harm people, then I think that Microsoft needs to make sure that their clients are safe. I am certain that a company as big as Microsoft can handle this issue. After all, their company is probably one of the biggest in the world.


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